Beer City Bruiser Reveals Why He Rejected WWE In Order To Re-Sign With ROH

4 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Beer City Bruiser Reveals Why He Rejected WWE In Order To Re-Sign With ROH

Rumours emerged last year suggesting that WWE were heavily interested in Ring of Honor’s Beer City Bruiser (real name Matt Winchester).

Speaking to Fightful, Bruiser has confirmed the rumours, and said that Vince McMahon’s company approached him with the prospect of working in NXT:

“I was approached by them. They sent feelers out. With our contracts, there’s only so much you can talk about. I ended up going to an NXT show to meet with them. We had conversations and I was open with Ring of Honor. The conversations were just in-ring. As far as I’m concerned, I do want to transition to a coaching standpoint. That never came up with them, but it came up with Ring of Honor. I’ve actually said to them I’d like to do some of that. We’re in the process of working things out.”

Bruiser then went on to explain why he chose to reject WWE and re-sign with Ring of Honor:

“I decided to stay with Ring of Honor, for one — Brian and I had just started tagging. I felt really good about the tag team, and I liked the offer ROH gave me better, I liked the schedule better and the money better. WWE said okay and they’d see what was up when my contract is up. I love Ring of Honor, I love the schedule, I love the creative freedom that we have. With Brian and I tagging, it lit a new spark under me. I love tag team wrestling, but I really love it when you have chemistry with a guy.”

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