Behind The Scenes Details On WWE 2K22 And Released Stars

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Behind The Scenes Details On WWE 2K22 And Released Stars WWE

While WWE 2K22 has been released for some time, enjoying both positive fan and critical reception, some behind-the-scenes details have emerged.

Specifically, as it relates to released stars appearing in the game, Fightful Select (paid subscription required) has reported that the roster reveals earlier this year caught some people by surprise, including released talent who were in the game.

Apparently, Fightful has spoken to “several members of the WWE 2K22 roster” that were released from the company after they were scanned for inclusion in the video game.

None of the talent Fightful spoke to were informed in advance that their likeness would continue to appear in the WWE 2K22 offering despite having been released but “some caught wind of it in the days prior.”

Fascinatingly, Fightful also notes that they have spoken to numerous wrestlers who weren’t specifically told outright that they would be getting paid for their inclusion in the game, “but to expect something later this year.”

According to the report, they also heard a previous report that WWE specifically wanted Bray Wyatt removed from the game entirely.

You can read more about the WWE 2K22 roster by clicking here.

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