Bella Twins Shoot Down Wrestling Return Rumors

1 year ago by Dane McGuire

Bella Twins Shoot Down Wrestling Return Rumors

During a recent appearance on Sippin’ the Tea with Ariane Andrew, known as Cameron in WWE, both of the Bella Twins have confirmed they have no plans on returning to wrestling as they are both happy as mothers and content pursuing other ventures such as making wine.

Nikki Bella also confirmed she is still not medically cleared to return.

Nikki said:

“I would love one day, like when Matteo’s maybe three, and he knows it, to have my son be ringside while his mom kicks ass. That would be amazing to me. But because he is my everything, I have to listen to the doctors and as of now, they’ve put me on the retired bench for life. So, it would take a lot of scans, x-rays, and all this different stuff for them to actually approve me to have a run and so that would be unlikely — that will be years down the road.”

“I love waking up in the sun comes behind the mountains and it shoots on the vineyards and I just stare at it every morning, because Mateo has me up at 5 AM, and (I love seeing) how the sun sets. I know I’m where my soul is meant to be. The wine industry, winemaking, and anything with wine, I’m like happy It’s my happy place.”

Brie echoed her sister’s sentiments, saying:

“You just kind of evolve differently. We’re gonna always have a love for professional wrestling. It was a huge part of our lives, and it was such a great time traveling the world, and getting the ring, but for me, I just feel like I’m in such a different place in my life and a place I really love. We’re gonna be 38 in November and I’m like, you know too, for us to be winemakers and well, I can’t imagine taking a bump right now.”

The last time the Bella Twins teamed together was on the August 10, 2018 episode of Raw, when they teamed with Ronda Rousey in a winning effort against The Riott Squad. The duo was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

Transcription courtesy of Fightful.

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