Beth Phoenix On How Role As Announcer Changed With NXT 2.0 Reboot

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Beth Phoenix On How Role As Announcer Changed With NXT 2.0 Reboot

NXT announcer Beth Phoenix has explained how her perspective has changed following the NXT 2.0 reboot.

Joining the NXT commentary team full-time in 2019, Phoenix got to see NXT undergo rebranding right before her eyes. Speaking with Denise Salcedo for Instinct Culture, The WWE Hall of Famer explained that their motivation is now to create characters that can thrive on the main roster.

Noting that she tries to elevate everyone she can during their limited TV time, Phoenix said:

“Well it made us have to be on our toes so much more, we have a whole bunch of new talent that came in, kinda all at the same time, and our jobs is to tell stories to bring forward everybody’s positives and to help connect the dots where everybody still has room to grow.

“So we’re trying to get to know everybody as fast as possible and also while they are learning their characters, they’re going straight into the deep fryer (laughs) and we’re doing our best to try and make sure that with limited amount of TV time that you really get to know these characters and you know what they’re doing and what there personalities are and what their motivations are.

“Because our job now and our motivation is to create characters that can go to Raw or Smackdown. We want these guys and girls to be prepared, we want everybody to kinda have a great start so that when they hit the ground running on Raw and Smackdown they are bound for superstardom.”

Phoenix recently celebrated the launch of her new EP, Stone Rose & Bone’, which released on November 12.

H/T to Denise Salcedo for the quote.

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