Beth Phoenix Names NXT 2.0 Stars That Have Impressed Her Since Brand Reboot

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Beth Phoenix Names NXT 2.0 Stars That Have Impressed Her Since Brand Reboot

WWE Hall of Famer and NXT Commentator Beth Phoenix has named several NXT 2.0 stars that have stood out to her since the brand reboot.

Since September, NXT fans have been introduced to a number of young stars looking to climb the ranks. Speaking on  Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Phoenix explained that the locker-room is currently experimenting to see what works for their characters.

Believing that Tony D’Angelo and Diamond Mine have struck gold, Phoenix said:

“(Tony D’Angelo) knows the character and it resonates with the audience. I don’t want to say it’s a simple character because it’s not, there’s a million layers to it, but it’s a familiar character. Other characters in WWE have brought some of those flavors, and he’s pulling from other inspirations and maybe TV and movie characters as well.

“We get it, when he hands a dead fish with Dexter Lumis’ name pinned to it, we know what that means. He’s speaking the language of the audience and when you do that, the audience instantly attaches because they’re like ‘Oh no, who’s he going to whack next?’ Their minds start spinning and they start building these possibilities. We want to engage people, we don’t want to leave them confused, we want to ask them questions like cliff-hangers like ‘what’s next?’

“They’ve all got that character inside and a lot of them are very young and also just getting reps too. In those reps, and experimenting, and trying new things, and taking the cuffs off, and throwing spaghetti at the wall and crossing your fingers sometimes you strike gold. The Creed Brothers, I love those guys. They put it all out there and I buy what they are selling, they know who they are, they’re a tight package.

“Diamond Mine as a group, I think is fabulous. I wish you guys could see in the commercial breaks how (Malcolm) Bivens gets the audience so worked up, he’s fantastic at what he does. It’s such a great dynamic in there, and that’s what we’re trying to do in NXT is build these groups with these wonderful interactions.”

Brutus & Julius Creed teamed with Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong on the November 16 edition of NXT 2.0 to take on Ikemen Jiro, Kushida and Odessey Jones. Tony D’Angelo will represent the new era of NXT during the men’s WarGames match on December 5.

Beth Phoenix also recently explained how her role as an announcer has changed on NXT, following the revamp.

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