Big Backstage Heat On WWE Writer For Admitting Lack Of Wrestling Knowledge

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Big Backstage Heat On WWE Writer For Admitting Lack Of Wrestling Knowledge

There is reportedly some backstage heat on Kenice Mobley, the WWE writer who publicly admitted she didn’t even know Bobby Lashley’s name.

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while WWE officials know the lack of wrestling knowledge isn’t exactly a rare occurence with the writing team, going public with comments like Mobley did was very much frowned upon.

The exact quote was that WWE officials are “embarassed” and believe the admission makes the company look “blindingly stupid”.

Mobley’s comments from the Asian Not Asian podcast earlier this month were as follows:

“Yes, I have just been hired by WWE. Given the things that you know about me and my entire life and what I’m into, yes (that’s surprising). Yes, also a surprise for me. They did not require me to know anything about wrestling but I do have a background in film production and comedy writing and they’re like, ‘Perfect. Come on in’.

“So I am on the Monday Night Raw team. So there’s Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown and the people I know that are on it are Bobby – his name is either Bobby Ashley or Bobby Lashley and I really should know that. He’s like this giant Black guy and he and the people who are part of his crew, I know that they call – or at least as of last year, they called themselves The Hurt Business. The Hurt Business. They wear suits and they’re like, ‘We’re cool’.”

Her admission got the company quite a lot of stick from fans, who believe this is one of the major reasons why the current product has been sub-par for a while now.

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