Big Clue AEW Stars Are Heading To WWE?

3 months ago by Liam Winnard

Big Clue AEW Stars Are Heading To WWE? AEW/WWE

The future of AEW’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (FTR) is still uncertain, but it seems like we’re finally getting closer to an answer.

As we’ve already covered, Harwood tweeted out that he and Wheeler, who are also triple crown WWE tag team champions from before they joined AEW in 2020, have made their decision on what the future holds for them.

This comes after Harwood had stated months ago that their AEW contracts were up in April, although there have been some reports, specifically from PWInsider, that the belief is they’ve actually been locked into long-term deals.

To clarify, after FTR returned to AEW at Revolution on March 5 after being out since December, PWInsider wrote:

As has reported in the Elite section, the belief was that FTR are locked into long-term deals with AEW and their disappearance and tease of going elsewhere was just a storyline cover.

Whatever the case, we’re gonna find out soon whether FTR are staying or going.

And to add a bit more fuel to the fire, here’s something to ponder…

A couple of hours before Harwood tweeted about he and Wheeler having made their decision, he announced the next topic of his podcast, and it’s none other than… Triple H.

You know, the bloke that runs WWE creative and had previously booked FTR at the top of his tag team division.

Harwood tweeted:

“Later this evening, we’re recording @ftrwithdax , and it’s all about my former boss, @TripleH.

“Any questions about him as a boss, leader, mentor, creator, or anything in general, drop it down below with hashtag #FTRwithDAX”

There are probably three possibilities here – there’s the one that speculative people will jump to, and the reason this article exists, which is that this is a big hint there about what Harwood and Wheeler are going to do given the timing of it.

The second is that it’s not a clue, but Harwood was being smart in making the announcement when he did and knows the timing of it will lead to a lot of talk.

Or, thirdly, it’s a complete coincidence and means nothing.

I’m not going to tell you which of those is most and least likely, because we don’t know, but the speculation is there to be made and this article is just a bit of conjectural fun for you to draw your own conclusions from.

Whatever Harwood and Wheeler do, they’ll no doubt succeed and we should all just be hoping for the best for them.

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