Big E Defends Length Of WrestleMania Nigerian Drum Fight

Big E Defends Length Of WrestleMania Nigerian Drum Fight

Former Intercontinental Champion Big E has discussed the WrestleMania Nigerian Drum Fight, and why it was so short.

During WrestleMania 37 Night 2, Apollo Crews defeated Big E for the Intercontinental title in just under 7 minutes. The second-shortest match of the weekend, Big E has now explained why the match wasn’t a drawn-out encounter.

Speaking on an audio diary edition of After The Bell, Big E reasoned that him and Apollo did what they had to do. Noting that Kendo stick shots take a toll, Big E argued that it wouldn’t’ve been wise to attempt a 25 minute Nigerian Drum Fight.

Here is the full quote:

“If we did that for 25 minutes, your boy would be hurting. But, I feel alright, man. He was wearing my ass out with that Kendo stick for real. Right before he put me on the table, I was curling up like a ball to protect myself because those kendo sticks, when people ask, ‘Hey, how does it feel?’ There is no getting used to it, I’ve been hit with a Kendo stick plenty of times, but the thing stings, man. There’s nothing like it in what we do.

“For what we were given, I feel like we did our thing. I feel like we brought the intensity. It’s one of those things where you always wish it would be great to be the main event and to have 25 minutes and just massacre it, and put on a classic that people wouldn’t be able to stop talking about. But, I feel like we did our jobs. I really feel like we did our jobs.

“We brought it and I feel good about it. It’s funny, I talked to Kofi (Kingston) and (Xavier) Woods, I’ve had so many ‘Manias where I’ve had this sinking feeling afterward. kind of just let me down. I always talk about the time we hosted WrestleMania as one of the moments that wasn’t like that, where I walked away with this really good feeling and feeling like, ‘Man, we were part of something cool.’ This Mania for me, I feel like, for many reasons, feels like that too.”

Apollo’s IC Title win was assisted by Dabba-Kato, now going by Commander Azeez. The Intercontinental Championship will be defended tonight on SmackDown.

Big E is one of WWE’s many Performance Center success stories. The next generation of stars has been revealed, with WWE recently naming their latest international recruits.

Quote via Fightful

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