Big E Reveals When He Found Out He Was Winning The WWE Championship

8 months ago by Andy Datson

Big E Reveals When He Found Out He Was Winning The WWE Championship

Big E made many fans’ dreams come true when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat Bobby Lashley to win the WWE Championship for the first time.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Big E revealed when he found out he would be winning the title.

“I didn’t know I was going to RAW ’til that Saturday. We did the show in New York and I was driving from New York to DC, and then I just got a call that my travel and everything was adjusted. So I was like, ‘okay, I’m going to RAW.’ But it wasn’t until Monday afternoon, pretty much right before I sent the tweet, that it was like, ‘alright, all systems are go and this is what we’re doing.’ So pretty much from then on, it feels like my life changed because everything has been so much more hectic. I had a bunch of people reach out and do interviews that Monday. It’s like, ‘alright, we have to do these interviews Monday afternoon.’ I was like, ‘nothing’s been done yet. I just sent out a tweet.’ But things were already in motion.

“You know how it is in our industry; you don’t really know until it happens. So I always kept waiting for some sort of swerve or a segment to run too long, or something to happen where I’d have to back pedal or maybe even lose the briefcase. I don’t want this to sound arrogant, but a part of me did. But a larger part of me thought, ‘there’s no way this is going to happen because people would lose their minds. People would be upset.’ That’s not good heat. That’s not compelling, ‘oh, let me watch this.’ That’s like, ‘alright you’ve let me down once more’ heat.”

He went on to detail his entire day, from being at the gym, to arriving at the show, to actually cashing in his briefcase to win the belt.

“So Monday, I was at the gym. I sent the tweet and then had to finish up, and headed over to Boston,” Big E said. “When I think of memorable cash ins, I was there with Dolph, which was the night after ‘Mania. I think of Seth’s too, which was at ‘Mania, and so, if I had to pick one, it probably would’ve been something like that, one of the bigger shows where you have maybe 100,000 people. Those are the cash ins that are really memorable, and you can argue that it was a random RAW.  But I will say the nice part was I do have some real Boston connections, so it was cool when I realized, ‘alright, it’s going to be here in Boston.’ There’s the fact that Kofi is from Boston. My sister, unfortunately it was so last minute she couldn’t get there, but I have a sister that lives in Boston. My other sister just moved from Boston, where she lived awhile ago. My mom went to BC and Tuffs. I was like, ‘okay. At least this isn’t a town that I have no connection to and it’s random.’ It was cool when I realized, ‘alright, it’s Boston. I have some real roots here.’

“Once I got to the building, it was just going the entire time. Just knocking things out, segments, backstage stuff, trying figuring out my travel because then, instead of going home Tuesday, now you’re sticking around and doing The Bump Wednesday morning. I stayed in Brooklyn Tuesday, and then drove up early Wednesday morning from Brooklyn to Connecticut, so I was just trying to get my life together and figure out some kind of a schedule.”

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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