Big E Wants Hurt Business To Reunite To Face The New Day

8 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Big E Wants Hurt Business To Reunite To Face The New Day

WWE Champion Big E has stated that he wants to see the Hurt Business faction reunite to face off against the New Day.

After Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship, MVP teased a Hurt Business reunion. The new champion has revealed that he also wants Lashley, MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to get the band back together.

In an interview with Khal of Complex , Big E was asked about potential challengers coming his way, following his title win. Arguing that the story is already there for faction warfare between the New Day and the Hurt Business, Big E said:

“The first thought that comes to mind is The Hurt Business. I want to see them back. I want to see them together. Man, just the opportunity to go out there. The story is already there. The history is there, but I beat Bobby, and now Bobby needs to back up and (get) his two cast-off brothers back again.

“I got two brothers of my own. There are so many opportunities. And, same thing, I look over at SmackDown, it’s Roman and The Bloodline. I am someone who loves that. You look at The Hurt Business, you look at The Bloodline, and those that might be in those two great, incredible passions with really talented performers.

“But imagine The Hurt Business coming back together to do battle with The New Day. All kinds of incarnations; singles matches, tag matches. Man, there’s so much that we can do there.

“So that’s the first order of business. I saw Cedric’s tweet, too, and I sent him the “mount up.” Let him know: bring your boys, get the troop together, because that’s what I want. And I don’t think Bobby is ready to go quietly into that good night. I think he’s got some more fighting. So I want to see him with his troop, and let’s get this thing cracking again.”

Alexander and Benjamin were kicked out of the faction in March, ahead of Lashley’s WrestleMania WWE Title defence against Drew McIntyre. While both competitors vocalised their frustrations with the faction’s split, Lashley was comfortable staying in his own lane.

Big E held the Money in the Bank contract for 57 days before cashing in on Monday’s episode of Raw. More information has been revealed his title win, including when it was decided that Big E was going to become WWE Champion on the September 13 show.

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