Big E Jokes About WWE Stars Having Their Names Shortened

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Big E Jokes About WWE Stars Having Their Names Shortened

WWE Champion Big E has taken time to joke about Angel Garza having his name shortened by WWE over the past few days.

Angel Garza is now just “Angel”, and his tag team partner in Los Lotharios and real-life cousin Humberto Carrillo is now just “Humberto”.

A number of years ago, Big E experienced this very same phenomenon, when he had his Langston taken away by the evil name gods.

This is something he often jokes about, and he even said before he cashed in to win the WWE Championship that he would trade in Money in the Bank to become Big E Langston again.

In response to a tweet from Angel that was simply “Call me #Angel” along with a screenshot of his profile with the shortened name, E replied:

Welcome to the brotherhood. Meetings are the third Wednesday of every month. Talk to @WWECesaro to coordinate what food/beverage we need you to bring.

Cesaro was of course another victim of the dreaded name shortening a number of years back, as he was first Antonio Cesaro before the Antonio was stolen from him.

When a fan asked E if everyone missed having (Alexander) Rusev (now Miro in AEW) in the meetings, E replied:

He typically has a scheduling conflict.

Well it’s nice to know he’s still having fun with it.

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