Big E ‘Loves’ Voice Over Work & Wants To Do More Acting

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

Big E ‘Loves’ Voice Over Work & Wants To Do More Acting WWE

WWE star Big E says that he loves doing voice over work and wants to do even more to explore storytelling in different mediums.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast, Big E discussed some of the things he has been doing since being out of action due to injury, including exploring other storytelling passions such as voice over work and producing.

Chatting about his love for entertaining people, Big E said:

“I love doing VO [voice over]. I’ve really enjoyed doing VO and have some cool things coming that I can’t really divulge yet, but hopefully the next few months. I love doing voice work, I still want to do more of that. I realized, I started wrestling because I love the athletic side of it, and I felt like I had more to offer athletically. As I got older and started progressing and as New Day started to take off, I realized that I love performing, I love entertaining, I love making people laugh, I love breathing life into characters. That stuff, I really enjoy. Now, I kind of gravitated more towards storytelling and doing that in different mediums. That’s what I’d love to do more of.”

Big E also went on to share a fun project that he has been able to be more involved in since becoming injured, saying:

“Also, the one cool thing with breaking my neck, which is an odd thing to say, I’ve been able to be more involved in our short film Our Heroes Rock, getting to work with my partners on that. Getting to produce as well has been fun. Not until a couple of years ago, I never fathomed that I’d be interested in producing. That’s something I really enjoy. I have the best partners. The only reason this project is going to be any good is because I have incredible partners in Jonathan Davenport and Andreas Hale. I’m really excited to be making something that feels meaningful, that I think is going to be really good. That’s the stuff that I love,” he said.”

Big E was also recently spotted alongside Paul Heyman and Triple H, working to vet athletes at the SummerSlam tryouts over SummerSlam weekend.

Transcription via Fightful

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