Big E Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Big E Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

TW: Suicide, Depression, Mental Health.

Big E has opened up about his mental health struggles, discussing his battle with depression on social media.

Earlier today (March 21), Ohio State Football star Harry Miller appeared on the Today Show to discuss his decision to step away from football to prioritise his mental health.

Big E shared the interview on Twitter, discussing his own mental health. The former WWE Champion noted that he thought he’d never be free of the weight of his own depression, recalling suicidal thoughts he had during his early 20s.

Big E wrote:

“In my early 20s, I wanted to be famous so that when I committed suicide, someone would care. I never thought I could be free of the sheer weight of my depression but here I am—alive and truly happy.”

Big  E sharing his story reminds the world that anyone can struggle with their mental health, and helps to normalise discussing mental health issues, so others struggling do not feel alone.

If you’re struggling with your own mental health, information on where you can find support is available at this link.

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