Big E Reveals How Often Ring Gear Designs Get Pushback From WWE

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Big E Reveals How Often Ring Gear Designs Get Pushback From WWE

Big E has discussed pushback he and The New Day have received for their ring gear, revealing how often concepts are flagged by WWE.

In recent years, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have referenced numerous pop culture characters and events with their ring attire. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, The WWE Champion revealed that his singlet designs have only been flagged by WWE a handful of times.

Detailing how his ring gear choices can affect his WWE action figure line, Big E said:

“We did get some pushback on the Dragonball stuff (after WrestleMania 32), but we’re of the impression – especially for WrestleMania where it’s a one-off – it’s like, (once you’re) out there and wear it, you can yell at us all you want to stop wearing it because it was a one-off. We’re done with it anyways.

“But I will say I do like the fact that Mattel – I like when Mattel can make all the elements (for action figures), so I was a little bummed that they couldn’t make the Dragonball Z shells even though – like, that – the packaging for that gear that came in the Booty-O’s box and you open it up – which is very fitting because we came out of the Booty-O’s box at that WrestleMania in Dallas, I believe. So sometimes we get (flagged). I feel like there’s only been, like, two or three instances that I can think of, but it’s never really been a big deal at all. It’s just sometimes it gets flagged.”

For his Survivor Series bout against Roman Reigns, Big E wore gear inspired by Seinfeld, designed by Jonathan Davenport.

Quotes via WrestlingInc

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