Big Swole Addresses Racist Messages & Threats Received Since AEW Diversity Criticisms

Big Swole Addresses Racist Messages & Threats Received Since AEW Diversity Criticisms

Big Swole has addressed the racial abuse she has received online since Tony Khan’s response to her criticisms about diversity within AEW.

During a recent edition of her Call In show, Big Swole noted that her decision to not re-sign with AEW was in part influenced by the lack of diversity within the promotion.

In response, Tony Khan took to Twitter with the names of several wrestlers of colour who had won matches in December, noting that he allowed Swole’s contract to expire because “her wrestling wasn’t good enough.”

Speaking on her Swole World podcast, Swole revealed that she has received many hate messages since the response, noting that she’s received racist threats directed at her daughter.

Discussing the severity of the threats, Swole said:

“I’m gonna call a spade a spade. You’re calling me a n****r, you’re calling me a n****r. You’re saying, ‘kill the n****rs’. Excuse my language, you guys. But that’s – yeah, that’s how serious it is.

“It is so unbecoming of you as a person. It speaks volumes to your character, to your merit, to your lack thereof that you would have to stoop so low because of a disagreement about wrestling. About wrestling? Is it that important to you that you would have to come at me about the color of my skin?”

Everyone at WrestleTalk condemns the behaviour of ‘fans’ who send threats and use racist language. There is no room for hate in wrestling.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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