Big Title Change On Today’s NXT UK

1 year ago by Brian Joyce

Big Title Change On Today’s NXT UK

After holding the NXT UK Tag Team Championship for almost 500 days, Gallus has been defeated by Pretty Deadly.

The title change took place on today’s edition of NXT UK where Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley managed to defeat Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Here is the full coverage provided by

“After winning a jaw-dropping Fatal 4-Way Match several weeks ago, Pretty Deadly certainly looked the part of worthy challengers to NXT UK Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus, who won the titles all the way back in October 2019.

Still, unseating Coffey and Wolfgang would take a nearly perfect effort from Pretty Deadly. And Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley indeed came through with the performance of their lives … as well as some questionable championship-clinching tactics.

Stoker and Howley absorbed a tremendous beating throughout the title fight, as Wolfgang effortlessly chucked Stoker from pillar to post and later leapt from the middle rope and came crashing down on the back of Howley. And when Coffey received a tag, he greeted both of his foes with several brutal strikes and ring-rattling suplexes before annihilating Howley with a second-rope bulldog.

But Stoker and Howley kept rising to their feet, shaking off an inhumane amount of punishment and getting back on the attack by dropping Coffey with a unique double-team maneuver.

Wolfgang might have had the match won when he wrecked Howley with a second-rope moonsault, but Stoker broke up the pinfall at the last second. When the fight spilled to ringside, Howley blindsided Wolfgang with a reverse elbow to send him flying over the barricade.

Coffey fought both opponents valiantly and even ducked when Howley tried to strike him with the championship, but Stoker DDT’d Coffey on the title, and Pretty Deadly landed Spilt Milk to capture the titles!”

Pretty Deadly have become just the fourth set of Tag Team Champions since the titles were introduced in January 2019.

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