Billy Corgan Thinks Braun Strowman Would Be A Fit In NWA

2 years ago by Tempest

Billy Corgan Thinks Braun Strowman Would Be A Fit In NWA

Since the announcement of WWE’s latest batch of releases, people have speculated about where they will turn up next. One of those stars is Braun Strowman.

In addition to the biggest companies such as AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, the NWA also appears to be an option for Strowman. NWA Owner Billy Corgan spoke on Busted Open Radio, saying he thinks Strowman would be a great fit in NWA. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“Braun Strowman. If he was green in NXT, I’d be jumping all over it. There aren’t a lot of big guys who have that level of ability. How do you let a guy like that out the door? I don’t mean to be critical, I’m not making the business decision, but I don’t know how you let a guy like that go. Ruby Riott, I think has a very bright future. Lana, holy cow, how do you let her go? I’ve seen Lana in person, behind the scenes, a truly beautiful woman and marketable to the nines. She’s worked very hard, from what I’ve seen in public and behind the scenes, to really improve.

“I don’t know how you let her go. I don’t understand it, but I’m not making those decisions. When you look at that list, I was like, ‘this is wild,’ especially when things are heating up between AEW and WWE, at least in the public’s mind. Maybe WWE doesn’t feel that way. To dump key talents like that at this time seems like an odd decision.”

Braun Strowman and the other released WWE stars have no-compete clauses that will not expire until September. If he is to show up in NWA, it won’t be until then.

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