Roman Reigns Vs. Sami Zayn Date Announced

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Roman Reigns Vs. Sami Zayn Date Announced WWE

While there are plenty of great reasons to check out WWE SmackDown, the topic of the Bloodline is at the top of mind!

After the shocking ending to the Royal Rumble saw Sami Zayn hit Roman Reigns with a chair and subsequently pay dearly for the betrayal, tonight’s SmackDown was set to potentially answer fans’ burning questions.

Is Jey Uso still in the Bloodline? What is going on?

At the beginning of the episode, Kayla Braxton attempted to get an interview with the Tribal Chief backstage to clarify the situation but was rebuffed although acknolwedged by Paul Heyman.

Later in a backstage segment, Roman Reigns questioned Jimmy Uso regarding having spoken to Jey.

First asking if he had heard from Jey, when Jimmy reported he hadn’t, Reigns tested the waters further.

By questioning Jimmy if he found it disrespectful to ignore him for an entire week, Roman didn’t seem to see the emotional response from his cousin he hoped for.

Again doubling down, demanding to know if Jimmy had spoken to Jey, Jimmy again insisted he hadn’t.

When Roman asked Solo Sikoa if he had heard from Jey, he didn’t answer, rather Jimmy answered for him noting that if he hadn’t heard from him then no one had.

Later, in another locker room segment, Heyman reported to Reigns he still couldn’t reach Jey as his phone goes straight to voicemail.

Roman then called back in Jimmy and Solo, apologized for his behavior earlier noting that he was under a lot of stress but gave the pair their orders.

Reigns reporting that Heyman had steak and sushi sent to the  bus, he wanted Jimmy and Solo to wait in the bus while he went to the ring to “handle some business”.

After Reigns made his typically impressive ring entrance, he was noted by Michael Cole on commentary to be only flanked by Paul Heyman.

On the mic, Reigns said that he would rather be talking about Cody Rhodes as the winner of the Royal Rumble and “someone who deserves my attention,” but “you simple folks have reduced me to talking about the past.”

As the crowd chanted for Sami, Roman said that he had to tell his side of the story and to do so had to go back to WarGames.

While he was describing the greed he saw in Sami’s eyes, he knew that he was just like everyone else the Tribal Chief interacts with in that he’s just out to get something from him.

However his words were thunderously interrupted when a hooded figure attacked Reigns from behind, revealing himself to be Sami Zayn while he assaulted the Tribal Chief.

Zayn saying:

“You’re wrong about me. I never wanted anything from you. I never wanted anything from you, until now. I want something from you now and I’m going to take it because I’m coming after you and the WWE Undisputed Championship!”

However his triumph was also short lived as he turned to face a big kick to the face from Jimmy Uso as he and Solo Sikoa attacked.

Laying out Zayn with a Samoan Spike, the assault continued as Jimmy put a chair around Zayn’s neck as Roman Reigns returned to the ring.

With Reigns stopping Sikoa from taking the honor, instead Roman got in the face of the downed Sami.

Telling Zayn that he ruined his family so he will ruin him in front of his entire family, in Montreal at Elimination Chamber.

The Elimination Chamber premium live event is set for February 18, 2023.

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