Everything That Happened With The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Everything That Happened With The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown WWE

Find out everything that happened with the Bloodline and Kevin Owens on tonight’s WWE SmackDown after an emotional night for Sami Zayn.

It was a tumultuous night on WWE SmackDown for Roman Reigns, punctuated by a brutal ending. Find out everything that happened tonight with the Bloodline.

During the show, Roman Reigns dismissed Sami Zayn from his private locker room, confused as to why Zayn needed so much conversation.

With Reigns demanding to know why should the Tribal Chief have to discuss strategy with an Honorary Uce, he sent Zayn out of the room.

Later, Paul Heyman intervened and imparted some interesting words of wisdom for Roman Reigns leading to a change of heart.

Meeting with Sami Zayn again, Reigns said that he realized that what Sami is asking for is open communication.

With Roman Reigns again bringing the Honorary Uce back into the fold, he requested that Zayn prepare to leave with the Usos while he, Heyman and Solo Sikoa would be completing the contract signing with Kevin Owens.

It was those three that came to the ring for the contract signing with Adam Pearce however Roman Reigns wouldn’t get a chance to sign the contract.

Kevin Owens waged a surprise attack on Reigns, delivering a big stunner and then powerbomb through a table!

With Sami Zayn and the Usos running out to make the save just a bit too late, KO escaped through the crowd to end the show.

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