Bo Dallas Addresses Bray Wyatt’s Death On WWE Raw

Bo Dallas Addresses Bray Wyatt’s Death On WWE Raw WWE

On tonight’s WWE Raw, Bo Dallas appeared in a conversation with Uncle Howdy about the passing of Bray Wyatt.

Dallas, Wyatt’s real-life brother, portrays the Uncle Howdy character, but in true Wyatt Sicks fashion, there was a conversation between the two personas that aired tonight.

In a VHS tape recording, Howdy and Dallas were shown having an emotional discussion, during which Howdy asked Dallas:

“How did it feel when your brother (Bray Wyatt) died?” 

Dallas replied:

“Like the most important thing in my life was taken away from me. Like nothing was ever going to matter again.”

Howdy then asked:

“Don’t you think you’re exploiting your brother’s legacy?”

An emotional Bo Dallas replied:

“All I ever wanted my whole life was to be like my brother. I looked up to him and I wanted to be him. And I worked my entire career, my life, so I could have the opportunity, so I could work there next to him.

“And we were gonna rule together, and we finally made it, we were there and we had it. And then it was taken away from me.

“There is no-one on this earth that feels more hurt than me from his loss. Not one person on earth feels what I feel.

“What am I supposed to do, let him become a mausoleum? Let everybody forget about what he stood for, what he fought for, what he believed in?

“They wanted to forget about me. They wanted to forget about all of us. We made them remember. We made them all remember.”

Uncle Howdy then answered:

“Yes we did.”

That was the end of the recording – you can see the full video of it below.

We’ll keep you posted with any further news from WWE Raw.

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