Bo Dallas WWE Faction Members Seemingly Confirmed

Bo Dallas WWE Faction Members Seemingly Confirmed WWE

It seems that the members of the soon to debut Bo Dallas faction in WWE may have been confirmed in another Uncle Howdy tease on Twitch.

Another mysterious update on the upcoming debut of the new faction likely led by Bo Dallas occurred on WWE’s official Twitch page.

With the Twitch stream going live at 8pm ET, fans were greeted by some intriguing imagery.

The sound of a door opening proceeded hands appearing on the screen, wearing fingerless gloves.

The hands moved around a scrawling note that said ‘REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE’ as a multitude of different coordinates also appeared on screen.

The hand, presumably belonging to Bo Dallas, then took a sharpie and proceeded to write what appeared to be letters to the other new members of his group.

The first note was as follows:

“It is never easy to feel loss. You have lost too much already. You deserve to be set free.

I know you are angry, that is ok. Let me show you what anger can do.

When you are ready to take off the blindfold, come find me. You can always wear your mask :)”

Given the clues previously noting ‘Rowan University’ and one URL 121212 connected to the date that Rowan initially debuted with the Wyatt family, it seems that the first note was directed towards him.

The hands then wrote a second note, reading:

“I am so sad seeing you look for a friend and finding none. How sad for them to miss out on someone as special as you. I have watched you stare into the abyss hoping someone would look back.

I want you to know I see you. You are seen. You are loved. Come home your new family awaits.”

This note seems directed at Nikki Cross who has continued to wander aimlessly backstage with a blank stare, but also tried to make friends only to be rejected.

The next note was first written as follows:

“You had a family. You had friends. You did your best. THEY REVEALED THEMSELVES TO BE LIARS!!!!”

With the writer circling liars in red multiple times before scrapping that note entirely, crumpling it up, they began again.

“Your family betrayed you. You deserve better. You are accepted just as you are. Come to me and I will make you brand new.” 

The message ‘TAKE MY HAND’ covered the screen as the hands wrote the second part of the note,

“I will set you free. We can be a real family.” 

This note sounds like it’s pointed towards Dexter Lumis, who was previously involved with his ‘family’ (Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory as The Way) – Lumis remains off screen despite the other members currently featuring on SmackDown.

Finally, the last note read:

“You had followers and they betrayed you. They turned their backs on you asking for help, asking for love, asking for someone, anyone to notice you. They all did… nothing. I will give you a family. Let’s teach them consequences 🙂 “

Certainly seems as though this note is directed to Joe Gacy, having previously led a faction in WWE NXT that ‘abandoned’ him.

During the video, there were many instances of coordinates flooding the screen throughout the writing, seemingly providing a unique coordinate for each note.

Each seemingly leads to a specific town in America (for instance, 47°48’44.6″N 116°53’47.8″W leads you to Rathdrum, Idaho) with more coordinates revealed throughout the video.

Coordinates were also shown for towns in Wisconsin (Ixonia), Kentucky (Erlanger), Texas (Abilene) California (Irwindale), New Jersey (Little Silver and Ramblewood) and Tennessee (Unicoi).

The video ends with another set of notes that say “I WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON. I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU” before the stream ended on more spooky footage of notes being tossed on a doorstep.

The door opened and the same image of a woman shrouded in white lace in the center of a circle of candles was shown, as the stream ended on a gap-toothed smile, seemingly belonging to Bo Dallas.

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