Bo Dallas WWE Faction Takes Over Show Intro

Bo Dallas WWE Faction Takes Over Show Intro WWE

There was another QR code on tonight’s WWE Raw that led to clues regarding an upcoming ‘massacre’ coming from the new Bo Dallas faction.

A QR code appeared on tonight’s WWE Raw (June 3) after Ludwig Kaiser picked up a hard fought win over Sheamus.

The QR code led to a mysterious website with a host of additional information found in the links.

When the audio file is reversed, it plays a robotic voice warning in part, “A massacre is coming, run and hide. Run and hide. Run and hide.”

While it seems that continued clues have pointed to a debut after Clash at the Castle, there was one photo that directly pointed to when fans would get their next Howdy/Bo Dallas interruption.

One of the graphics featured a manipulated image of the Peacock WWE Raw post-show Raw Talk’s banner featuring the words ‘see you tonight’, suggesting there were still more clues to come tonight.

Then, on WWE Raw Talk on Peacock, the intro video was immediately glitched as Raw Talk did not begin, rather a message took over the screen.

It read:

I have shown you signs and wonders

Yet you do not believe?

I offered you hope

Freedom from the pit

You spit in my face

Mock my family

Question my timing

One last chance

An opportunity to repent

But my patience runs thin

There is a reckoning coming

Your belief is indifferent

It is inevitable

You will learn you are finite

And you shall all behold

What we have become

A massacre is coming

While the hosts Megan Morant and Sam Roberts were shaken upon the show begin, they went on to conduct business as usual despite the creepy intro.

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