Bobby Lashley Backstage Update With WrestleMania Status Uncertain

3 months ago by Liam Winnard

Bobby Lashley Backstage Update With WrestleMania Status Uncertain WWE

A new update has emerged on Bobby Lashley from this past Monday’s March 20 episode of WWE Raw with his WrestleMania status up in the air.

Lashley was planned for a match at Mania against Bray Wyatt, but reports are that Wyatt has fallen ill and may be a doubt for the show, and he hasn’t been around for several weeks.

With Wyatt absent, WWE hasn’t had Lashley on TV for a couple of weeks either – not to continue to build to the Wyatt match (suggesting chances are it won’t be happening), and not to build to a new match with a different opponent either.

In an update from Fightful Select, Lashley actually was backstage at Raw on Monday, so it’s not like he wasn’t available to be used if WWE wanted to.

After the news emerged a couple of weeks ago that Wyatt was out of action, Lashley did post a tweet suggesting he wanted to face a different opponent at WrestleMania if Wyatt wasn’t available.

He wrote:

I’ve worked too hard to be denied.

I will be ready to fight on the biggest stage of them all, #WrestleMania .

I don’t care who it is, somebody will feel the wrath of the All-Mighty.

However, there have been no developments on TV towards doing that, and there’s now only a SmackDown, a Raw, and another SmackDown, before we get to Mania.

We’ll keep you updated when there are any updates on Wyatt’s status and/or timetable for a return.

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