Mustafa Ali Demands Match With Bobby Lashley On WWE Raw

6 months ago by Amanda Savage

Mustafa Ali Demands Match With Bobby Lashley On WWE Raw WWE

A WWE star has made it clear he is done waiting for his turn, he demands an opportunity now!

In a backstage segment featuring Bobby Lashley’s arrival at WWE Raw, Kevin Patrick drew attention to the fact Lashley’s United States Championship reign has lasted three months.

He was met by Mustafa Ali who noted he had plenty of desire but was still sitting waiting for someone to call his number. Ali said he was done waiting and demanded an opportunity.

When Bobby Lashley attempted to keep his interview segment going by telling him to keep hustling, Ali grabbed Lashley to reiterate his demand, which Lashley accepted.

Lashley and Ali went on to have an evenly paced and interesting match which reintroduced Mustafa Ali to television audiences, touting his incredible heart and dedication.

In the end, Mustafa Ali lost via submission to Lashley’s finisher, the Hurt Lock. In a post match angle, as Lashley attempted to address a down Ali, he was instead attacked from behind by Seth Rollins.

Rollins delivered curb stomps to both Lashley and then Ali outside of the ring, before departing.

WWE Raw continues at this time with appearances expected from Bayley and Bianca Belair in advance of their match at WWE’s upcoming premium live event, Extreme Rules.

As well as a possible appearance by MMA legend, Daniel Cormier as teased earlier today on Twitter.

You can read about all the breaking news from tonight’s WWE Raw by clicking here. 

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