Bobby Lashley Passionately Reacts To WWE Championship Win

2 years ago by Tempest

Bobby Lashley Passionately Reacts To WWE Championship Win

Last night, Bobby Lashley finally captured the WWE Championship for the first time. In many ways, it was the culmination of his 17-year journey as a wrestler and now he has reacted quite passionately to it.

Lashley posted on Instagram after his title win last night. In the caption, he talked about how he can’t express what the title means to him and how he wants to thank everyone who believed in him. Here is the post and caption:

Sometimes you have to fight for the things that are important to you. When I made my return to @wwe I told myself I WILL be WWE Champion one day and I’m willing to fight for it. Nothing in life is certain and sometimes you can’t control the outcome of things but there were a couple things I could control. I could control the work I put in and the attitude I had while doing it. My attitude has always been positive and my drive has always been second to none. This night is easily one of the greatest night’s of my life.
I f**cking did it!! I can’t even put into words what this title means to me.
I’m still numb yet filled with so much emotion right now. I have so many people I want to thank personally and for all of you who believed in me, thank you from the bottoms of my heart. Hard work and persistence does pay off but I’m not done yet! I’m was born for this. I’m a warrior and I’m ready to stand and fight any and everyone who wants to come after this title. Now ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get back on the grind so I can make this title run legendary!
I’m in …..#TheHurtBusiness
I am your new WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz in a Lumberjack match to win the WWE Championship on Raw.

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