Bobby Lashley Wants To Add A Female Member To The Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley Wants To Add A Female Member To The Hurt Business

One of the biggest success stories in WWE since the start of the pandemic has been The Hurt Business. The group banded together and achieved more as a unit than they were able to individually prior to their formation. However, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley wants to add another member.

During his recent interview with Complex, Lashley revealed that there has been discussion about adding a female member to the group. He didn’t specify who it was but did note that there are names that they have thought about. Here is the quote:

“We want dominance and a legacy. That’s what we want. Another thing that we talked about, we don’t even know if we want to go there, but I’ll throw this out: Is there a female that’s going to join the group? We thought about that. We have some definite names and if we did go that route, I think we’re all in agreeance of who we would love to have a part of us. Can’t really say right now, but that’s something that’s [on the way]. So we’re trying to play with it, so we’re coming at all different angles.”

Bobby Lashley became WWE Champion for the first time on Monday by defeating The Miz on Raw. The Hurt Business now hold the WWE Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championships.

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