WWE Hall Of Famer Sees Big Things For NXT Star Axiom

5 months ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Hall Of Famer Sees Big Things For NXT Star Axiom WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has spoken about about how he predicts an exciting future for an unexpected NXT star.

Booker T was recently given the role of commentator on NXT, in a shake up of the commentary desks across all main WWE brands.

While commentating on his first episode of the show (October 11), Booker T listed several wrestlers who he believes could make a big impact in the future.

Included on the list was Axiom, who had a one-on-one match with Nathan Frazer on the episode, which was met with a lot of praise online from fans.

When describing Axiom, Booker said:

“Mil Mascaras, when I was a kid, the way he made me feel when he came out when he went out and performed. He was different more than anybody. Then Rey Mysterio came along. You got the Rey Fenix’s of the world. These guys are an extraordinary talent and they put that country on the map.

“This kid, he’s next level. He really is. To see him display his talent, and perhaps could be the next great masked superstar and I’m getting a chance to see him first. That’s awesome, man…

“I was so in awe sitting at that seat watching that young talent of tomorrow go out there and totally just show up and show out. That’s where I’m having the time of my life here in NXT.”

Prior to appearing as Axoim, the wrestler was known as A-Kid, which was the name he used while wrestling in the UK. He won the NXT UK Heritage Cup Trophy during his time in NXT UK before he moved over the the US based NXT show earlier this year.

Frazer, another NXT UK export, defeated Axiom on the show, earning him a space in the NXT North American Championship Ladder match at NXT Halloween Havoc.

Transcript courtesy of ITRWrestling.

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