Booker T On Israel Adesanya Recognising Him At UFC Press Conference

Booker T On Israel Adesanya Recognising Him At UFC Press Conference

Booker T has commented on UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya pointing him out during the UFC 237 post-fight press conference.

A video of Adesanya noticing that the WWE Hall of Famer was part of the press conference has gone viral, in which, the champion admits that he’s freaking out in front of his idol.

On ‘The MMA Hour’, Booker T noted that he finds moments like these humbling. Comparing his passions for MMA and WWE, the Hall of Famer said:

“Humbled, in a word. Sometimes it takes guys like that to keep guys like me relevant.”

“I understand that. I get it. It’s just like Bad Bunny writing a song, Booker T, and then winning a Grammy. That opens up a whole different genre and I’m humbled. For Izzy to pay respect to Booker T, it just let’s me know how I made him feel as a young kid growing up, hopefully one day to aspire just like I did.

“The only way I look at professional wrestling and MMA along the same lines is that professional wrestling really has to walk that tightrope as far as making it real and we know it’s entertainment, while still suspending the imagination of the fan trying to buy in. I think that right there is where wrestling and MMA come into play, but as far as a fan base for MMA, it’s totally different, even though we have a lot of fans on both sides.

“I’m a fan. I think MMA fans, it’s a different feeling in the arena for MMA. It’s a different feeling in the arena for boxing. It’s a totally different feeling for professional wrestling as a professional wrestler.

“I’m going to be at pretty much all of the fights doing that. That’s my job going forward to get as much content as I can.

The ‘Five Time’ World Champion has officially been confirmed for WWE 2K22. We will provide coverage on the ratings reveal later today. You can check out the list of stars currently announced for the game here.

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