Booker T On His Kids Following In His Wrestling Footsteps

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Booker T On His Kids Following In His Wrestling Footsteps

With multiple generations involved in professional wrestling, it is common for the greats of the industry to be asked about a possible career for their progeny.

Recently Booker T spoke to Ariel Helwani about a myriad of things including being recognized at a recent UFC press conference and his children’s future aspirations in the wrestling industry.

In speaking to Helwani on The MMA Hour, Booker said:

“My son is a big wrestling fan. My daughter is into it as well. But they’re not at that stage right now from the wrestling side. They’re into the business side. I have my son with me in the war room listening to the angles, knowing what it really means to be a general, and taking charge. Not just that, but to know that you need a great team around you to make it work. My daughter more so is ready to get in the ring and run, but my son, I’m teaching him the business side because I really don’t have any aspirations or dreams for him to be a professional wrestler.”

Booker T has been announced for the WWE 2K22 roster with an overall rating of 88.

The ‘Five Time’ World Champion has officially been confirmed for WWE 2K22. You can check out the list of all of the stars currently announced for the game here.

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