Botchamania: Botches Of The Week #2

Botchamania: Botches Of The Week #2

I apologize for the slow week, if only there’d been a mistake that happened at a big event broadcast internationally. Ah well . . .


1. Titus OhGodI’mOnEverySite

Finally Titus achieved his dream of trending (WORLDWIDE!) on Twitter but probably not the way he wanted. Titus ran in at Number 39 and if I didn’t know better I’d suggest he did it deliberately to wake up the crowd who were six hours deep into a show that had no sign of stopping (like Titus.)

Pro journalists are telling me Vince McMahon himself almost died laughing backstage when he saw it (before remembering he’s immortal) and demanded it be replayed endlessly through the match. Titus was a good sport on Raw and took it on the chin (and face and back and etc.)

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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