Brandi Rhodes Debuts New Podcast ‘Two Lies And One Truth’

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Brandi Rhodes Debuts New Podcast ‘Two Lies And One Truth’ Nightmare Family

Brandi Rhodes has launched a new podcast with an exciting premise with her latest project, “Two Lies and One Truth.”

Brandi Rhodes may have left her executive position at AEW when husband Cody Rhodes departed the company but she certainly hasn’t been bored so far in 2022.

In addition to being by all accounts a doting and lovely mother to baby Liberty Iris, Brandi has continued making mogul moves with producing her YouTube series, ‘Brandi on the Rocks’ and has recently launched a new venture.

This week, the first episode of her new parenting podcast, ‘Two Lies and One Truth’ debuted with an exciting first guest, Renee Paquette.

While total topic the duo dished about (including details of Motherhood and child birth!) may not appeal to the broad swath of wrestling fans, there were tidbits in there for everybody.

Including fans of AEW and Jon Moxley who may not be at all surprised to hear that while Renee Paquette was giving birth to their baby girl Nora, Mox was ready and waiting, shirtless.

Paquette saying:

“What’s funny is once Nora was out of me, she went to him because they had to stitch me up, so like her first moments were with Jon, with his shirt off, and she was like, trying to nurse off of him, she was like looking for a nipple and he was like ‘uh I don’t think I can do that’.”

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For the uninitiated, when babies are born they’re recommended to partake in “skin to skin contact” with both Mom and Dad for bonding so it there was in fact, a reason for shirtless Jon Moxley to be receiving a newborn baby as though he was embarking on a championship match shortly thereafter!

Brandi Rhodes’ new podcast, Two Lies One Truth can be found on the Nightmare Family YouTube.

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