Braun Strowman Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation (PHOTOS)

Braun Strowman Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation (PHOTOS) WWE

Braun Strowman has shown off the amazing body transformation he has undergone since his WWE main roster debut.

The former Wyatt Family member made his debut as ‘Braun Strowman’ in August 2015. He was presented as one of WWE’s most dominant stars ahead of his release in June 2021.

The former Universal Champion recently made his WWE return on the September 5 edition of Raw.

Strowman has now taken to social media with a photo of himself from 2015, next to a shot of himself from 2022. When the Monster Among Men was asked for his top three tips on how to achieve his physique, Strowman simply replied:

Work work work

He also joked that at this rate he’ll win Mr Olympia in 2029.

Strowman is reportedly internally listed as a babyface on the SmackDown roster. He made his WWE in-ring return on the September 23 edition of SmackDown, defeating Otis in singles action.

The star made his WWE house show return over the weekend, replacing Drew McIntyre, who has been pulled from the road.

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