How Much Braun Strowman & Omos Weigh Revealed Ahead Of WWE Crown Jewel

5 months ago by Laura Cude

How Much Braun Strowman & Omos Weigh Revealed Ahead Of WWE Crown Jewel WWE

All hell broke lose at the official weigh-in ahead of Omos and Braun Strowman’s match at Crown Jewel on November 5.

Before stepping onto the scales, Omos declared that he would show the world that there is only room for one giant and that his time. He told the crowd to remember that “monsters are not real but giants are.”

Braun Strowman took the mic while crowds chanted their support for him. He said it would be his biggest challenge yet as he has never been in the ring with someone as big as Omos, saying: “It is very obvious that Omos is bigger than me. You’re going to find out that I am the baddest one in the building.”

The two then stepped up to the scales and the official weights were revealed.

Omos stood tall at 416 pounds while Braun Strowman came in at 335 pounds.

When it was time for the face-to-face photo with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, tensions boiled over and Strowman grabbed Omos.

Omos reacted and threw off his blazer, ready for a fight.

The two simmered down and will have to wait until November 5 on Saturday night to see whether it will be the giant or a monster that emerges victorious.

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