Braun Strowman Reveals Crazy Battle Royal Idea He Pitched To WWE

Braun Strowman Reveals Crazy Battle Royal Idea He Pitched To WWE

Whether he’s breaking wrestling rings, destroying cars or flipping over the set, Braun Strowman is often responsible for the most breath-taking moments of WWE TV.

Speaking with Gamesport, Braun Strowman revealed that his on-screen character is just an extension of who he really is as a person in real-life:

“When you guys see the ha-ha stuff that Braun does, that’s my real life persona coming out. I’m a giant kid-man. I live life like there’s no tomorrow, and I look forward to everyday with the opportunities to travel around the world. And it’s really cool when I get to mix in a little bit of that comedic relief and show the world the range and personality that I actually have as a human being, and that I’m not just this monster that rips people in half and eats their souls or whatever people think.”

Strowman would go on to say why he enjoys adding the fun and comedic element to his monster-like character:

“It’s fun to throw the comedic stuff in there because it helps with people being able to connect with my character. Because before, when I was just this cold, calculated killer, it was hard to relate to me, being the size that I am. Let’s face it. I’m larger than nature intended, and there’s not a lot of people walking around on this earth that know what it’s like to walk a mile in my shoes. So I think with the adding the little bit of comedy in there shows a little more of a human side, and it allows my fans to engage with me even more and know that I have traits that everyone else does. That I’m yeah, not just this giant that does whatever he wants to do, that I have personality.”

The current Raw Tag Team Champion then revealed that he has actually pitched an idea to WWE that would see him flip the entire ring during a battle royal:

“I’ve pitched a couple of times in battle royales where I come out of nowhere and lift up the ring and dump everybody out of the ring before, so that I think would be a fun one,” Strowman revealed. “I don’t think there’s much left to flip unless I ripped a whole roof off the stadium or something like that. I think I’ve destroyed about everything they’ve put in front of me. And Lord knows I’m glad I don’t have to pay for all the stuff that I break.”

Strowman currently holds the tag titles with Seth Rollins, in what is his second-reign as champion. His first came at WrestleMania 34, where he won the belts with 10-year-old Nicholas.

When asked about Nicholas, Strowman had the following to say:

“Right now, Nicholas is doing Nicholas,” Strowman said. “He’s been taking karate classes, staying in school, and doing his schoolwork, which I told him is the most important. He’s got his whole adult career to come back and wrestle if he wants to wrestle. Right now, he needs to worry about being a kid and having fun and continuing to ride that high of winning those tag titles a couple of years ago with me in New Orleans and enjoying life. But you never know man, at WWE we like to keep you on your toes, and you never know what’s going to happen.”

While WWE likely won’t be allowing Strowman to flip a ring anytime soon, you cannot deny that it would have been spectacle seeing Braun eliminate all his opponents this way.

Thanks to WrestlingInc. for the transcription.

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