WWE Star Fires Shots At Kenny Omega & AEW

5 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Star Fires Shots At Kenny Omega & AEW AEW

WWE’s Braun Strowman has fired a shot at Kenny Omega following his match with Omos at Crown Jewel.

At the November 5 premium live event, Strowman defeated Omos in a clash of super-heavyweights.

The Monster Among Men took to Twitter to mock star ratings and ‘floppy floppers’, arguing that he and Omos reminded fans that they prefer big guy matches.

One user replied to Strowman’s post claiming that the match was better than anything Kenny Omega or AEW have ever done.

Bringing attention to this post, Strowman replied with a clapping GIF, noting:

“You get it”

Replying to another fan who noted that they’d rather watch two giants battle than ‘flippy s**t’, Strowman tweeted:

“You get it thank you. This weird subculture of of you gotta do flips and kill your selfs. Even though we want you to do it for free without any money to support what you you have to go through . The broke ass loud mouth iwc can ( in the words of DX suck it side ways)”

When another user criticised Strowman for his post, and his previous comments on the independent scene, Strowman noted:

“Nah definitely didn’t (s**t on) the indies. I s**t on lazy people that want other people to (pay their) bills instead of going out and hustling how they can to survive. That what I did and. Welll I’m aight!!!”

Kenny Omega has been off TV since AEW All Out, and was one of the stars who were suspended following his alleged involvement in a backstage altercation that took place after the show.

AEW has teased the return of Omega and the Young Bucks, who have been backstage for recent AEW tapings.

It was reported following the Strowman vs Omos match that people backstage in WWE have been impressed with Omos as of late, including his performance in that particular match.

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