Bray Wyatt Attacks Cameraman During WWE SmackDown

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

Bray Wyatt Attacks Cameraman During WWE SmackDown WWE

On tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown, Bray Wyatt took to the ring and wanted an apology from LA Knight.

However at a point, he was unable to continue speaking and then waged a vicious attack on a cameraman!

While the general events of what happened with Wyatt on SmackDown were already revealed via spoiler, there was some interested nuances on the broadcast version.

Bray Wyatt did struggle to continue speaking at a point during the promo, in the televised version the crowd was apparently chanting, “We love Bray,” for a part before he was unable to continue.

You have to check out the video below because the actual effect of having a wrestler attack the camera man could not be adequately described without footage from said camera!

So while we now have more information about what the promo felt like, we still don’t know who Uncle Howdy is (unless he revealed himself last Friday on Twitter that is!)

Did Bray Wyatt get possessed by Uncle Howdy (similarly to the strange behavior we saw from Alexa Bliss on Raw?) 

Maybe there’s a John Cena and Bray Wyatt tie in here somewhere, afterall John Cena will be making a massive appearance on the next live edition of WWE SmackDown!

You can keep up with all the breaking news from tonight’s WWE SmackDown by clicking here. 

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