Report: Bray Wyatt Return Storyline ‘Not Fully Worked Out Yet’

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

Report: Bray Wyatt Return Storyline ‘Not Fully Worked Out Yet’ WWE

His return at WWE Extreme Rules was well received, as was his emotional promo at SmackDown and fans are eager to see what WWE does with Bray Wyatt next.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these successes have been part of some well-crafted Triple H and Rob Fee-led master plan spanning the weeks and months to come.

Dave Meltzer, however, has suggested that there’s a few details that haven’t quite been finalised just yet.

Speaking on TSN Radio’s Sunday Night’s Main Event, Meltzer discussed the rumored names for the Wyatt6 faction:

“I’ve certainly heard names for a faction but then I heard other people say those aren’t the names. And someone even told me it’s not even all worked out exactly how it’s all gonna go down.”

The only thing that appears to be a sure thing is that the faction is likely to happen, with Meltzer saying:

“I think it’s a faction. As far as who’s playing what, I don’t know. It’s being kept like that for a reason. I think they are trying to keep it secretive…”

With WWE reaping the benefits of Bray Wyatt already, fans are no doubt hopeful that this creatively-satisfying story will continue to deliver.

Transcript from WrestlingNews.

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