Bray Wyatt Clarifies Rumor About New ‘Female Fiend’ After Alexa Bliss

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Bray Wyatt Clarifies Rumor About New ‘Female Fiend’ After Alexa Bliss

Bray Wyatt has taken to Twitter to dispel a rumor regarding his Fiend character’s female companion.

After an account WrestleTracker1 posted a graphic with photos of the women that read:

“Scrapped plans for Alexa – WWE planned to book Dana Brooke to ally with Bray Wyatt after he would split with Alexa Bliss. Brooke would also get the name “The Shiend” but Wyatt’s release cancelled all plans”

In true Fiend form, the former Bray Wyatt (now going by his actual name, Windham Rotunda) popped up out of the blue and responded on Twitter with a clarification, writing:

“Not true. That was the angle for the video game”

The comments seemingly confirm at least part of a recent Reddit post where user Pepsiguy2 unearthed dialogue left in the game’s code that corresponds with a storyline within the game that sees Dana Brooke possessed by The Fiend.

As previously reported, other gamers have located plenty of other interesting content that appears to have been cut from the final game, including more from The Fiend.

For the full roster of talent that made the final cut of the game, please click here.

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