Bray Wyatt Salary Before WWE Release Revealed

Bray Wyatt Salary Before WWE Release Revealed WWE

Bray Wyatt is always a name that gets thrown out when people discuss wrestlers that WWE never booked properly. The man has incredible idea after incredible idea, but for one reason or another, WWE never knew exactly how to book him.

Prior to his release from the company, Wyatt had spent years crafting his Fiend gimmick, and there’s no doubting it was one of the most original gimmick’s in the company’s history.

Due to the fact that he was never booked correctly, and it felt like WWE didn’t really know what to do with him, it may be surprising to hear that Wyatt was actually one of WWE’s highest paid stars prior to his release.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports Wyatt was being paid in the range of $4 million a year, which would have made him either the third or fourth highest paid wrestlers in the company.

Meltzer writes:

At the time he left the company he was believed to be the third or fourth highest paid performer on the roster with a contract in the $4 million per year range at the time he was cut and was a major merchandise draw.

There have been several reports that AEW has had plans to bring in Bray Wyatt, but Dave Meltzer has noted recently that Wyatt’s asking price is “very high”.

He appears to be teasing something on his social media, but as usual with Wyatt, who is now going by Windham, it’s hard to say. exactly what.

Wyatt hasn’t wrestled since being released by WWE in 2021, and has mainly focused on non-wrestling projects since leaving the company.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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