Bray Wyatt Shares Emotional Personal Message

Bray Wyatt Shares Emotional Personal Message WWE

While WWE SmackDown was still on the air, Bray Wyatt took to social media to share a personal message about a family member.

Earlier this week, Barry Windham had to be rushed to the hospital and was reportedly in an Intensive Care Unit.

While further reports have noted that he has seen enough improvement to leave the ICU for a standard hospital care floor, there is certainly a long road ahead to recovery.

Now Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda, nephew of Barry Windham) has taken to his social media accounts to share a heartfelt message as well as an important link.

Admitting that he typically likes to keep his personal life and wrestling life more separate, there was something important he wanted to share.

While he initially shared his personal feelings, having admired his Father and Uncles from a young age, the wisdom of aging into a man himself brings a different perspective to events for him.

Rotunda saying in a video on Instagram:

“This week my Uncle Barry Windham had a massive heart failure in Atlanta. He went down and he didn’t have a pulse for 10-20 minutes, so he was away, he was gone, and I wanted to thank one specific man, Michael Todd Laylek [sic], a random citizen who was there and gave him CPR for the entire time … he’s the reason we have Barry still, why he is alive and still with us.

“Barry Windham has given his life to his profession, his whole life has been about this just like mine and I just wanted to share that I’m incredibly thankful to have him back and my sister set up a GoFundMe in his name and no one is obligated to share anything but if you could, that would be incredibly helpful and take it from me. Sometimes when you’re someone like that, it’s incredibly powerful to remind them that they mean a lot to a lot of people.”

He went on to end the message hoping that everyone who hears it remembers some integral advice:

“Always be good to the ones you love, always remind them of that, because nothing is forever.”

If you are able, consider checking out the GoFundMe page for Barry Windham as we all hope for his continued recovery.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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