Bray Wyatt’s WWE Theme Song Back On Spotify Playlists

6 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Bray Wyatt’s WWE Theme Song Back On Spotify Playlists WWE

As the mystery of WWE’s ‘White Rabbit’ continues on, many fans and wrestlers alike are expecting Bray Wyatt to make his return as the man behind the mysterious QR Codes.

There has been many links to Bray’s return, with Extreme Rules seemingly like the most likely place for the reveal to take place, and an oversight may have accidentally confirmed Wyatt’s impending return.

Earlier this year, WWE removed the theme songs for their released stars from Spotify and other streaming platforms, with the released stars that have returned seeing their theme songs return to Spotify.

While The Fiend’s theme has been removed from the platform and can not be searched for directly, the song is back up on Spotify, and can be played if it was previously in playlists before it was removed.

You can listen to the song straight from Spotify below:

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