Bret Hart Calls Goldberg ‘One Of The Most Unprofessional Wrestlers Ever’

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Bret Hart Calls Goldberg ‘One Of The Most Unprofessional Wrestlers Ever’

We can add Bret Hart to the list of names that aren’t a fan of current WWE Universal Champion, Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg.

Hart was Stone Cold Steve Austin’s latest guest on the Broken Skull Sessions show on the WWE Network, during which he shared his views on the man with perhaps the most notorious unbeaten streak in wrestling history.

Hart said:

“I always knew what I was doing and I would hurt myself before I ever hurt another wrestler. I just wish some of the wrestlers I worked with, especially at the end like Goldberg. Goldberg to me was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers there ever was in the business. For Bill Goldberg to be in the Hall of Fame… he hurt everybody he worked with, so he might as well wrestle a real gorilla.

“He was the most dangerous guy to work with. He hurt everybody he worked with. I remember Curt Hennig being in pain all the time from the matches they had, and even when I worked with Bill… I always think, the last words I said to Bill before we went out and had that match where he injured, ended my career… I said, ‘Bill, whatever you do out there, don’t hurt me. Do whatever you want, we can do anything, just do not go nuts.'”4

Goldberg is currently enjoying his second reign as WWE Universal Champion, having defeated former champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on February 27.

He will defend the gold against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36 on April 5. A contract signing between the two has been confirmed for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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