Bret Hart To Star In Crowd Funded Drama

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Bret Hart To Star In Crowd Funded Drama

Bret Hart is going Hollywood!

Per WrestlingInc, Bret Hart has been cast to star in a crowd-funded new film that is currently raising money for production titled The Outlaw Murders.

Promotional materials describe the character of Detective Carlisle (played by Hart) as having “been tasked with conducting an investigation of a mass murder involving a biker gang he was once a part of. Employing an improvisational technique, the mystery behind the murders will unfold throughout the picture as a unique cast of characters share their personal versions of the events under the pressure of a police interrogation. The film will cut back and forth between depictions of the present-day investigation, the past events surrounding the murders and the back-story behind each character. The Outlaw Murders will provide the audience with a healthy blend of who-done-it mystery, deep character study, dark humor and action-packed gunplay.”

While the fundraiser still has plenty of time with the crowdfunding page noting they’re continuing to collect donations until April 2, the film has raised $24 USD at the time of writing.

You can watch a video of Bret Hart discussing the film below:

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