Brian Cage Says Tony Khan Would Rather Not Have AEW Talent Work WrestleMania Week

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Brian Cage Says Tony Khan Would Rather Not Have AEW Talent Work WrestleMania Week AEW

Brian Cage reveals that AEW President Tony Khan would rather not have talent work WrestleMania week.

Speaking with GV Wire, the former FTW Champion discussed working on independent events to stay active while being off AEW television.

When referencing his recent Warrior Wrestling 18 match against Will Ospreay, Cage stated:

“Luckily, for me, I fought for inexclusivity so I could do independents. I know a lot of guys in AEW do independents, not all of them. I mainly do it because I love wrestling. I love wrestling more than anything else. A lot of people are like, ‘why would you do Independents?’ I get paid plenty fine from AEW where financially, I don’t have to do any Independent bookings, but I do it because I love it. Even when I was on TV every week, I don’t feel like I was getting to have the Brian Cage matches I would want to have. I wasn’t getting that fix, if you will. It was just a lot of squash matches to build me up. That’s cool, but man. When I get these awesome opportunities for these great matches, I want to take them,”

When asked if he would be working WrestleMania week with a plethora of independent promotions running shows, Brian Cage revealed that he is booked for CVC show in Fresno that weekend and how Tony Khan feels about talent working the Mania week slate of shows.

Cage stated:

“‘Oh dang (the card show), that’s WrestleMania week,’ but actually, because of the AEW contract, we’re actually not…[Tony Khan] would rather us not doing anything WrestleMania weekend because he wants AEW not to be affiliated…everything happens WrestleMania weekend around WWE. He doesn’t want anyone to look like AEW is beneath WWE. Technically, I had a bunch of stuff I could have done out there, but I can’t do it.”

Brian Cage has been in the headlines recently with the Fightful Select report that his contract with All Elite Wrestling was picked up for its option year in February.

He is currently off television with rumoured plans in place for his return.

Quotes via Fightful

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