Brie Bella Comments On Bryan Danielson Joining AEW

8 months ago by Liam Winnard

Brie Bella Comments On Bryan Danielson Joining AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella has commented on her husband Bryan Danielson’s decision to join All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Danielson has previously praised Bella for not pressuring him and basically letting him do whatever he wanted to do, but this is the first time Bella has commented on it.

On the latest edition of Sippin’ the Tea with Ariane Andrew, Brie Bella said:

“I have to tell you, all summer long, he kept contemplating, kept going back and forth. He took the summer off and I just remember every other day, he honestly didn’t know where he was gonna end up, and then just finally, one day it spoke to him, he felt it. Because I was like, ‘I am not helping you make a decision. You’re 40 years old, this is probably going to be your last run. So you have to just let your heart tell you where to go’.

“I’m like, ‘Just because I’m with WWE, doesn’t mean you have to be there’, because I don’t know if I’ll make a comeback. To be honest, I told Nicole, maybe in a year or so. But like right now, my life – we’re so busy with our companies and the kids, like taking Birdie to school. That’s a whole thing in itself.”

Despite having said many times that they were planning a comeback, the Bellas have ruled out a return to the ring for now due to their other responsibilities and Nikki not actually being medically cleared.

Immediately after his debut at All Out, Danielson was asked about the possibility of Brie ever joining him in AEW, to which he said:

“I mean, that would be a very difficult… it was hard for me to come here, right? Because I have so many ties within WWE. She’s happy there, she has so many business connections there. So, I don’t know.”

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