Britt Baker Tells People Saying Thumbtacks Are Fake To ‘Kindly F**k Off’

Britt Baker Tells People Saying Thumbtacks Are Fake To ‘Kindly F**k Off’

AEW star Britt Baker’s 10-month reign as the AEW Women’s World Champion came to an end on this week’s (March 16) St Patrick’s Day Slam episode of AEW Dynamite.

Baker lost the title in a Steel Cage main event against long time rival Thunder Rosa, with the finish seeing her take Rosa’s finishing move onto a pile of Thumbtacks.

Baker was being criticised for one spot in the match where she appeared to ‘no sell’ a Powerbomb onto tacks by Rosa, which led to some “fans” claiming that the thumbtacks the women used in the match were fake.

Baker, clearly tired of the criticism, took to her Instagram story to show off the wounds from the spots, and told the people claiming the spot was fake to ‘kindly f**k off’.

Britt Baker tells everyone that says the thumbtacks are fake to “kindly fuck off.”
byu/TheNextBlGThing inSquaredCircle

Wrestling is scripted, but the moves are real and they hurt. I can’t believe this still needs explaining in 2022.

Rosa’s championship victory was the fifth AEW title change of 2022. For a full list, click here.

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