Britt Baker Talks Being Inspired By Popular WWE Female Stars (Exclusive)

Britt Baker Talks Being Inspired By Popular WWE Female Stars (Exclusive)

In an exclusive interview with WrestleTalk, AEW star Britt Baker has opened up about being inspired by WWE Superstars Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

Many people have said that last month’s Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker match was as good as some of the bouts between Bayley & Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch, which Britt said she’d watch while training:

“It’s so crazy you say that, because (Bayley vs Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch) those are the matches that I watched when I was training and I wanted to be like them, so that’s really cool. I very much get lost in the matches, so it’s kind of hard to think, ‘Wow, are we making history right now?’, like no, that definitely wasn’t crossing my mind. But the reaction from everybody in the back afterwards, something clicked and I was like, ‘Man we must have just done something pretty cool if everybody’s on their feet and clapping’. But it’s what I wanted. I wanted that match to be remembered, more than anything. I wanted it to be something that, a light goes off when they hear ‘Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa’, ‘Oh that main event match, that was nuts’. I think that’s what everybody wants in professional wrestling is to be remembered.”

During the interview, Britt also addressed the criticism that many fans and wrestling commentators have had with the women’s division. You can read exactly what Britt had to say by clicking here.

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