Brock Lesnar Gives Candid Advice To WWE’s Young Talent

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Brock Lesnar Gives Candid Advice To WWE’s Young Talent

Brock Lesnar has shared his thoughts on WWE’s younger stars, offering advice to some of the newer names on the roster.

Despite pausing his pro-wrestling career for football and MMA, Lesnar has been competing inside the squared circle for a long time, debuting on WWE TV in 2002.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, Lesnar pointed out that he’s now one of the locker-room veterans. The former WWE Champion argued that WWE’s fresher faces should worry less about their spots, and put more thought into making themselves unique, and putting asses in seats.

Lesnar said:

“It’s just kinda weird how the revolutionary door… because when I came up it was the Undertaker and Steve (Austin) and I could go on and on with the guys. So now I’m the old bastard walking down the hallway.

“I’m looking at these young kids, and I don’t know. Somebody needs to step up and… that means get over. Figure out how to f**king put asses in seats. Not worry about your next high spot. Figure out, ‘How the hell I can be different, like, how can I make money?’ That’s it. That’s the business.

“The young generation thinks it’s, if they go out and do a certain move, and do it over and over, and that’s not the business. There’s a good guy and a bad guy. Holyfield and Tyson. Mega heavyweights. ‘I don’t like that guy’, and ‘I like him’. Pitting people against each other, storylines.”

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Lesnar is set to wrestle in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. The Beast is already scheduled to challenge for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship at WrestleMania, after winning the Royal Rumble match last month.

Before winning the Rumble, Lesnar dropped his WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley. Stay up to date with every WWE title change of 2022 using our tracker, at this link.

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