Bruce Prichard Shares Story Of How His Nose Was Broken By Brock Lesnar

Bruce Prichard Shares Story Of How His Nose Was Broken By Brock Lesnar WWE

Brock Lesnar isn’t only a dangerous man on a tractor, he is apparently also a dangerous man around moveable walls!

Recently in a Q&A for AdFreeShows, WWE producer Bruce Prichard described a crazy story in which Brock Lesnar got a little impatient and Prichard left with a broken nose sometime in the 2000s.

Prichard told the tale:

“Brock Lesnar kicked a wall into my face. We were in Nova Scotia. We finished up a shoot and the folks that had constructed the wall, hadn’t constructed it very well and were in the process of trying to get Brock out of this room that had started to collapse and Brock didn’t feel like waiting. He started moving walls on his own. When he did, that said wall came crashing into my face. Broke my nose in three places, shattered my orbital.”

Prichard went on to describe attempting to travel home, blowing his nose and that his orbital completely “exploded” with his nose “pretty much caved in,” he went through the airport, bleeding the whole way through.

According to Bruce, Brock Lesnar is a classy gent and attempted to make amends in one of the most Brock Lesnar ways possible – a whole bunch of food.

Prichard saying:

“Brock, being the classy guy that he is, sent me a nice note and I don’t know how much king crab and lobster. So much great food from Pike Place Fish and a really nice note and called to check on me. He didn’t mean to do it. It was an accident. He still called to check on me and sent me nice things.”

Brock Lesnar has recently been discussed as likely not appearing for WWE again this year which you can read more about by clicking here.

Transcription via Fightful

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