Brock Lesnar Gets His Own Meat Seasoning With Bearded Butchers

Brock Lesnar Gets His Own Meat Seasoning With Bearded Butchers Twitter

Back in July of last year, Brock Lesnar took a trip to Ohio to hang out with Scott and Seth Perkins, two brothers who run the ‘Bearded Butchers’ brand.

Lesnar appeared in a video on their YouTube channel, which was when he was spotted with the beard and man bun look that he now sports on WWE television.

It appears as though Lesnar’s friendship with Bearded Butchers does not end there however, as Bearded Butchers have now released a ‘Brock Lesnar Blend’ meat seasoning.

The seasoning can be ordered on the Bearded Butchers website, with the following description:

Bold and intense, our Brock Lesnar Blend is truly the blend of champions. Brock’s go-to steak seasoning and Bearded Butcher Original Blend combine to knock out your taste buds!

The Bearded Butchers and Brock Lesnar join forces around their shared passion of hunting, butchering, and country livin’ to create a spice blend that’s perfect for an untamed lifestyle and is an excellent red meat seasoning along with wild game, chicken, pork, fish, and more! Sprinkle it on or mix it in, this spice blend will hit you like a suplex! As always, “use it on everything”! No MSG, guaranteed gluten free, and sugar free! Get your 6 oz shaker of Brock Blend Seasoning today!

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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